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PEAK extends traded funds on platform to advisors for mutual funds


Alain Thériault

12 July 2019 11:30

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PEAK has announced that it offers a direct access to the fund can be traded on platform (PTF Platform traded funds) to mutual fund representatives. The firm was formerly offered to the PTF that the investment advisors.

PEAK said to become ” the first broker multidisciplinary across Canada to offer its advisors a solution for access to PTF fully integrated “. It loop the loop, after you have launched the offer to exchange-traded funds (ETFS) to mutual fund representatives in 2016.

“We are very pleased to be the pioneer of a solution to access to the PTF fully integrated, which is addressed to the community of mutual fund investment in Canada “, pointed out by way of a press release Robert Frances, president of the board and chief executive officer of PEAK.

Offered securities from 2016

Invesco has launched the first financial partners (TFPS) in 2015, in collaboration with the stock exchange Aequitas NEO of Toronto, which now has the property. With a symbol, the PTF shall exchange such as equities, without, however, being subject to price fluctuations. Their net worth is therefore known only at the end of the day.

This solution allows to lower the costs, inter alia because the PTF does not have to pass through the system Fundserv, such as the need to traditional mutual funds. The use of TFP can also relieve the manufacturer of the paperwork and administrative costs of maintenance of fund.

Cheaper than the series F

PEAK prides itself as well to provide unprecedented access to funds at a lower cost than the fund, F-Series, a series of mutual funds specifically designed for fee-based accounts.

Shortly after the launch of its fund traded on the platform, Invesco had argued that the economy on the fees and expenses that allows the TFP compared to a common fund hovered around an average of 30 %. His fund global dividend series F cost then 1,33 % in costs, compared to 0.9 % in format PTF. Its Funds for the canadian series F, commanded for its share of the expenses of 1.28 %, compared to 0.75 % in format PTF. “

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