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Plan participants are more satisfied with their health care plan


Justine Montminy

14 August 2018 13:30

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According to the survey 2018 Sanofi Canada regarding the satisfaction of participants in a group plan, 58 % of respondents rated “excellent” or “very good” the quality of their health care plan. This is an increase compared to the 48 % satisfaction rating obtained last year.

In addition, 62 % of respondents indicate that their system is responding “extremely well” or “very well” to their needs. Sanofi states that the results were around 50% to 55% in previous years.

The promoters are also satisfied

For their part, 59 % of sponsors rated their health plan as” excellent ” or ” very good “, which is consistent with the results of last year’s 62 %.

Approximately 56 % of the promoters have also stated that their health care plan and contributes to the maintenance of a productive labour force and less likely to be absent due to an illness or a disability, and 32 % indicated that it contributes quite well.

Impact on the opinion of their employer

This year, 69 % of respondents indicated that they agreed with the fact that they have a better opinion of their employer because of their health care plan.

“There’s nothing wrong with the fact that the employees value to the coverage of goods and services current. They appreciate these benefits, which enables the promoters to withdraw the value of their investment “, commented the director of human resources at Telus, Carol Craig.

Having a specific objective

The survey also found that proponents with at least one specific goal for their health care plan in 2018 are much more likely to describe their diet as excellent or very good (69% vs. 46 %) and to say that it contributes to the productivity (69 % compared to 39 %)

“We must seek to improve the way we help the promoters to communicate the value of their plan participants. We can isolate the value of the insurance for it to be better understood and appreciated by all participants, not only by the few of them that make claims, ” says the senior director, sales and client relations Medavie Blue Cross, Pierre Marion.

The online survey was conducted by Ipsos from 2 to 9 January 2018 with 1503 key participants to a group plan of health care. Maru/Matchbox also conducted an online survey with 502 plan sponsors across the country from 3 to 9 January 2018.

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