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Portrait pricing in the insurance of pleasure craft in Quebec


Justine Montminy

June 13, 2018 07:00

Photo : Freepik

According to the April Marine Canada, there are approximately 60 000 boats insurable in Quebec. Among these, 40 000 are insured.

“The average premium insurable tends to decrease with the years, as the boats get older and lose value. People buy more often of used boats than new boats, ” explains the director of the company, Marie-Eve Paquette. The average premium April Marine is around 420 $.

In The Capital, the average premium is between 350 $ and 400 $ according to the coordinator, individual insurance, Pierre Duchesne. “We offer the insurance for the boat for 10 years and the number of boats that we are assured, is growing. We insure boats up to 45 feet, with a value of up to $ 750,000 ” he explains.

“The boats that ensures the most are the boats with a greater value, often with a loan associated with these. The higher the value of the boat increases, the more one wants to protect the heritage, ” says the director of operations and business development of Pacific Marine, Rola Nasser. The average premium is $ 300. At First Canadian Insurance, the average premium is located in the same figures, says its director in Quebec, Shirley Gauthier. “We have no bonuses minimum on our boats. I’ve seen premiums of $ 125 “, she says.

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