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PPI is reviewing its marketing strategy


Hubert Roy

23 November 2018 13:30

Jim Virtue

The general agent PPI makes changes to its structure. It renames its subsidiary Solutions PPI, which is aimed at the mass market, just the three letters designating the company, including the president becomes Jim Virtue.

PPI retains the names of its subsidiaries, Councils, PPI, which targets affluent clients, as well as the PPI Class, which, as its name indicates, is designed to insurance groups. The general agent also has a robot-advisor : PPI Valet.


In the wake of change, the agent-general has announced that Jim Virtue has been named president and chief operating officer of PPI. Previously, he was the executive vice-president, in addition to ensuring the presidency of Solutions PPI. Jim Burton remains CEO and chairman of the board of directors of PPI.

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