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Prevention of water damage : PREVDEQ aims to give credibility to its entrepreneurs members


Hubert Roy

March 20, 2018 07:00

Gilles Fréchette, Mathieu Lachaîne and Jean-Hugues Labrèque | Photo : Réjean Meloche

When an association brings together competitors in a field, it is often to bring him further credibility. It is in this spirit that PREVDEQ, the Association for the prevention of water damage, sees the light of day.

The instigators of PREVDEQ are Gilles Fréchette, president of Security AquaDétect, Mathieu Lachaîne, president ofUbios, and Jean-Hugues Labrèque, president ofInflotrolix. The Journal of insurance met.

The problem of water damage is living more and more in Quebec. This creates opportunities to develop solutions to counter them. Distinguish the good grain from the chaff, however, is proving difficult when a sector is growing. In forming PREVDEQ, the three men aim first of all to give credibility to this growing sector.

Gilles Fréchette has contributed to the formation of a national association in the field of the alarm in the early 1980s, which has allowed them to do the housework in this sector. He wants PREVDEQ do the same thing in Quebec in the field of the prevention of water damage. “We have laws to abide by. The Act of building applies to what we do. We also need a licence from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). To be credible, it is also essential to have liability insurance. These are elements of the genre that we want to know, ” said Mr. Fréchette.

3 major goals

PREVDEQ gives three main objectives. The first, communicate to the public the solutions credible that exist on the market. Then, gather the stakeholders of this sector in the area of installation and manufacturing of systems for the prevention of water damage. PREVDEQ also wants to raise the awareness of insurers to this question, as they have a vital role to play in the matter.

The Association is also picked up a first member insurer to join its ranks. It isIntact Insurance. The founders of PREVDEQ wanted to strike a blow to lay down the foundations of their association. The advent of the Intact is a great start, they say.

“We want to get everyone together at the same table,” said Jean-Hugues Labrèque. We want to come to have a stronger voice. By coming together within the Association, it will be. If we have representations to do with governments or insurers, our credibility will be stronger. “

For example, PREVDEQ said they want to work with the Collection managers and co-owners of Quebec (RGCQ), considering how condominiums are impacted by the problem of water damage. “You have to know the solutions that exist. We need to help people to recognise the solutions and credible associations viable, ” said Mr. Fréchette.

Mathieu Lachaîne added that there was a gold rush now in the area of the prevention of water damage. “Our industry is in full outbreak. What makes you see all sorts of things, including people doing work without a permit. Forming an association is one way to protect the public, ” he said.

Sharing beneficial

Gather competitors around the same table remains always a delicate process. Mr. Labrèque, however, says that the sharing of experiences can only be beneficial for all.

“Our penetration in the market will increase. By sharing the problems that we encounter, everyone will win. “

Mr. Labrèque also stresses that Québec is ahead in innovation to prevent water damage. Outside of Quebec, this innovation is not yet present, which allows players to quebec to export their solutions. Products of the United States, Israel, and China are beginning to appear. “This is why we want there to be a framework around this. “

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