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Promutuel Insurance receives his certification for electronic documents



18 October 2018 11:30

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Brokers in Quebec and New Brunswick who are dealing with Promutuel Insurance can now make the sending of electronic documents (eDocs) since last October 15. The insurer has received its certification from the Centre for study of insurance operations (CSIO).

“We are very proud of the deployment of the solution, eDocs, but also of our certification of the CSIO, highlighted Guy Lecours, head of operations at Promutuel Insurance. The arrival of eDocs is an important step towards the virtualization of our operations and the elimination of paper in our processes and those of our dealers. In addition, the certification indicates to brokers that our eDocs are at the height of the good practices of our industry, and they will upload easily into their management system. “

The CSIO has published the standard for eDocs in 2012. The body argues that nearly 80 % of brokers in the country use this method of sending e-mail ” to simplify their work, reduce their costs and offer a superior service to their customers.

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