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Promutuel is launching a website to expose the causes that it supports



28 March, 2018 09:00

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With the launch of the site, Promutuel Insurance wants to propagate the events she participates in, and the causes that insurer based in the communities. It is a so-called “improved” blog, where it presents local news, prevention tips and general information on the damage insurance.

Promutuel list several organizations that it supported, in 2017, of which the Supper of champions to Alma, the Living room of the Bike and foot race in Saguenay, the Festival Hello the visit of Saint-Pascal, the Camp musical Saint-Alexandre, le Grand défi Pierre Lavoie and the project Propel cooperation, in particular.

“The mutualist values guide our actions since 165 years, which results in a community involvement marked. With the success of our advertising platform and his message focused on the proximity, we wanted to demonstrate how “We are here” on a daily basis, in the community, with people from us, ” says Pierre Raymond, general manager of Promutuel Assurance du Lac River.

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