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Purchases of portfolios of life insurance : SSQ expands its funding program


Alain Thériault

September 4, 2018 07:00

Luc Bossé

SSQ Insurance lends its own capital to the independent advisors for almost ten years. The insurer is working to make it available across the country.

“We are distributors of loans and I work closely with the director of finance to the house. In addition to the loan program for advisors for acquisition goodwill, we offer loans rental property, residential and commercial, as well as RRSP loans, ” said Luc Bossé, vice-president, business development, Central and eastern Canada, individual insurance and investment.

The acquisition of AXA Insurance in 2012 has accelerated the development of this branch of business. Now, the success of the program dedicated to councillors is sufficient for the insurer is considering to expand outside of Quebec.

“Historically, the program has been offered only in Quebec. We are currently working to make it available across the country and this should be operational shortly, ” revealed Luc Bossé.

Through its lending program, dedicated to advisors, SSQ Insurance is designed to support its general agents in the placing of blocks of business from advisers who retire, ” says Mr Bosse. “The agent-general is himself at risk of losing this block if it does not find someone in his network to take up the slack. “

The program of the loan of the SSQ is designed to support only the advisors who are active with the insurer, or who undertake to become one, he added. “We do not require the adviser to ensure that our customers are the centre of its clientele. We expect it to be a certain percentage of its business with us, ” said Mr Bosse.

He said to have competitive products for the convince, the proceeds of which Tempo More frequently used to cover mortgage loans. “It is not necessary for the counsellor to be present in all our lines of business. It is, however, to demonstrate its good faith to do business with us. “

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