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Quebec launches a tool that lists the areas at risk of flooding


Justine Montminy

9 July 2018 11:30

The government of Quebec launched the app Geo-Floods, a Web application, intended to make known the areas at risk of flooding on the territory of Quebec.

“This is a mapping tool designed for citizens. This is not a support tool or reporting, but it is really a tool that allows you to take knowledge of the places at risk of flooding before moving or to build a house for example “, explained the spokesman of the ministry of Energy and natural Resources, Nicolas Bégin, in an interview to the Journal of the insurance.

Areas of risk that are easily identifiable

Geo-Flooding is color-coded to show areas at risk. It is possible on the platform to make a search by exact address or even city or territory. A history of the area is also made available to the citizens.

The tool has been launched in the framework of the action plan in the field of civil security related to flooding, made public on march 1, 2018. The ministry of sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against climate change has collaborated with the ministry of public Security, the ministry of municipal Affairs and land Occupancy and the ministry of Energy and natural Resources.

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