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Quebec will increase its program of prevention of the losses of$50 Million


Andrea Lubeck

7 August 2018 13:30

The department of public Safety has enhanced its Framework for the prevention of loss by injecting 50 million us dollars (M$) and, by extending its application until 31 march 2022. The investment, which is in addition to the$ 96 Million already invested since 2013, will be granted in the course of the years 2021 and 2022.

“In a context of climate change, the number of claims is expected to increase, as will their intensity. This is why the Framework program for the prevention of disasters sees his term extended, ” says the ministry. Initially, the framework provided for investment until march 2020.

The ministry argues that for every dollar invested by Quebec in the mitigation of risk, approximately 21 $ of properties and infrastructure have been protected.

Settings relaxed

The changes to the Framework for the prevention of claims also provide for a relaxation of the parameters for the granting of financial assistance to the municipalities. Thus, they can now pay a lower subsidy level for the implementation of prevention work, established on the basis of their financial capacity.

The floor of local involvement has also been reduced under the 15 % of the value of work in certain cases provided for by the new settings.

The program allows the government to provide funding to municipalities for the execution of works for the prevention and mitigation of the risks related to erosion and submergence, coastal flooding, landslides, earthquakes, to some vagaries of the northern as well as to forest fires.

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