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Quebecers are afraid to invest in themselves



April 23, 2019 09:30

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A little more than one in ten Quebecers (12 %) is currently self-directed investor, and 7 % feel comfortable to invest by themselves, reveals a survey conducted by direct investing TD. However, half would like to invest online themselves, according to TD.

More importantly, the results reveal that a third of Quebecers polled say they do not understand the basic principles of investments. “[…] Many Quebecers feel a high anxiety level when it is a question of investment ; they argue that the idea makes them nervous and makes them feel overwhelmed or intimidated, ” says TD. The respondents have ” a great ignorance of the ways to invest or deal in-line “.

“Most people have financial goals and want to invest, but very few seem to have full confidence in their ability to do so,” explains Frédéric Guay, account manager, direct investing TD. Our research has shown that nearly 40 % of people who do not feel trust have never looked for resources to learn about personal finance or investments. “

By the same token, TD, announces that it has created the tool of financial planning online AppuiObjectifs, which is built-in to Webbroker.

The survey was conducted online with 1 500 Canadians.

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