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Quebecers are distracted at the wheel, ” says Allstate



16 July, 2018 09:45

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The technological advances, which ” are becoming commonplace in the automotive industry “, are more enjoyable, while 91 per cent of quebec motorists engage in risky behavior behind the wheel, according to a survey of Light conducted on behalf ofAllstate Canada. More than 1,000 people participated in the survey.

Only a fifth of respondents (22 %) have admitted to being distracted behind the wheel and 20 % say the be to the occasion. In addition, half of them say they talk on the phone using a feature multimedia hands-free, points to the insurer.

“Vehicles equipped with a thousand and one option are very in vogue at the moment and who knows what we still reserve the automotive industry. But driving is a huge responsibility and a driver inattentive can put the lives of many people in danger on the road, ” says Denis Talbot, technology expert at Allstate.

The technology in question

Although the technologies present in a car can increase the security of the car, they can also be sources of distraction, argues the insurer. Four out of ten respondents (38 %) indicated the use of built-in features to listen to music, while 35 % use the option multimedia hands free to send text messages or e-mails. One-quarter use their phone for a call, send or read a text message, take a photo and 23 % to modify the search in their GPS unit when they drive.

To improve security, Allstate suggests that a motorist to place his cell phone out of reach, that it obtains its itinerary before you leave, it configures its infotainment system, and that it delegates tasks to the passengers.

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