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Quebecers are less concerned about their lack of knowledge of their insurance policies


Charles Mathieu

16 July 2019 09:30

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The insured in Quebec are less concerned about the lack of understanding of their insurance policy than the rest of Canadians, according to the findings of a survey commissioned by belairdirect and the results of which were announced on 15 July.

The survey reveals that 42 % of Quebecers are concerned about when they think of the coverage afforded by their home insurance policy, and 40 % in terms of automobile insurance. The insurer points out that these proportions are lower than the rest of the canadian population surveyed who ” has trouble sleeping “. Indeed, 48 % and 49%, respectively, of bad blood for the two types of insurance.

In addition, the Quebecers, according to the survey, would be less concerned (50 %) by the fact that you get a car insurance rule that the rest of Canadians, of which the proportion rises to 61 %.

“A time-consuming process, but necessary”

Nearly one-quarter of respondents have not read their insurance policies. “What keeps them awake at night, what are their main concerns in relation to what is covered by their policies as well as the costs incurred. Despite these concerns, […] Quebecers who own a home and auto insurance, as Canadians, have a good understanding of their contracts, although they still had things to learn, ” says belair.

The study comes to highlight the fact that in terms of auto and home insurance, about 30 % of the insured canadians ” will compare the understanding of their assurance in their daily commute : a time-consuming process, but necessary.”

Note that 98 % of Canadians surveyed know at least one aspect that can increase their auto insurance premium, such as driving record and past claims.

Questions remain

“Canadians need to understand better their insurance policies, but we know they still have issues,” says Anne Fortin, senior vice-president, direct distribution, and head of marketing for belairdirect.

Indeed, the results of the survey show that the damage caused by the animals on a house or a car, the protection of objects of value, protection against sewer backups and the effects of cannabis legal on insurance premiums are the main grey areas in the matter of insurance for the Canadian respondents.

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