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Rotating strikes at Canada Post : the Authority sets out its expectations to the industry


Hubert Roy

October 30, 2018 09:30

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Quebec is touched for a first day by the rotating strike at Canada Post, while employees in the Greater Montreal will not come to work. Thefinancial markets Authority has set out its expectations for the industry as a result of this labour dispute.

The regulator states that it has itself taken steps to ensure the continuation of its activities and the services it offers to consumers and the industry. The Authority expects to use private services of e-mail, if necessary.

“For their part, professionals of the financial industry, insurers and financial institutions, are invited also to put in place the necessary measures to fulfil their obligations and ensure respect for the laws and regulations administered by the Authority. These measures may include shipments by private couriers and visits to the premises of the Authority, ” says the regulator.

Use on-line services : a guarantee

The Authority also proposes to the professionals of the industry to use its online services to carry out their transactions with the regulator. “As representatives, or registered professionals and firms must ensure that any document or payment that is linked to their application reaches us on time. In the contrary case, the request may not be processed. “

With regard to applicants to the career who are not enrolled for online services, they will be exceptionally contacted by private couriers. This can include people awaiting a recognition of minimum training, a notice to appear for an examination, a test result or a certificate probationary confirming the date of commencement of their probationary period.

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