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RRSP : young people have the reflex to go to the web sites of banks, said the ORGANIZATION


Aurelia Morvan

February 21, 2019 13:30

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According to the study NETendances 2018 the research centre, CEFRIO, 82 % of quebec internet users between the ages of 18-34 years have, as their first reflex is to turn to the web site of their bank when they seek to obtain information on financial products and services. Quebec internet users, of all ages, are 67 % to have this first thing.

18-34 year olds are also the ones who are most likely to turn first to the website of their bank for the acquisition of financial products or services relatively simple. They are 69 % in this age group to have this first reaction, compared to 54% for the whole of quebec internet users.

Most Quebecers are aged, the less they use the web site of their financial institution to obtain information or make acquisitions.

The online financial tools used by one in four internet users

By 2018, 24 % of quebec internet users have used at least once in a financial tool available on the website of his bank.

25-44 years tend to use the simulators for a mortgage loan. As to the users of the channel 45-54 years old, they are turning instead to the calculators for retirement or RRSP.

In all ages, the simulator of the mortgage is the tool most requested : 12 % of quebec internet users have used one the last year. Conversely, 2 % of internet users have used a simulator of savings study.

Financial investments : little online shopping

If the Québécois use of bank websites to get information and to do simulations, they are few to make the leap of financial investments online.

In 2018, 16 % of quebec internet users have made financial investments online through the use of investment funds, term savings, guaranteed investment certificates, RRSPS or TFSAS.

They are 9 % have bought or sold stocks online, and 2% to open an online brokerage account.

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