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Rules anti-spam legislation : what is being done elsewhere in the world


Justine Montminy

22 May 2018 07:00

The law canadian anti-spam legislation is known throughout the world for his biting. However, it has seen the light of day ten years after that of its neighbor to the south.

The Journal of insurance has reviewed the existing frameworks elsewhere in the world in terms of rules anti-spam legislation. In addition to the United States, Europe has also built a framework in the subject matter.

The CAN-SPAM Act, the name of the part american, has several differences with the canadian one. The main, however, regarding the principle of consent. In Canada, this principle is based on inclusion. A client must give its permission before receiving a commercial solicitation.

In the United States, the consent is based on a system of exclusion. This ensures that american businesses will automatically have the consent of customers until proven otherwise.

From the may 25, 2018, the member countries of the European Union will adopt a general Regulation on data protection (RGPD). The regulation aims to protect the data of individuals.

Facebook has announced to have made the withdrawal discrete of its 1.5 billion users of the scope of the RGPD. The company said it will offer more controls on the user data from the european Union under the act. Ultimately, Facebook is likely to apply this tactic all over the world. All that to say that the anti-spam law, whether here or elsewhere, is of concern to many countries, ” says Daniel Gregory, the manager of the affairs of theAssociation du marketing relationnel.

The CRTCstates that a collaboration should be done on the international level in the field of electronic commerce. “The rise of the Internet makes that collaboration is essential. International agreements allow us to share information, collaborate on files and also enjoy the practices and success of what is happening elsewhere, ” explained the director of the implementation of e-commerce to the CRTC, Neil Barrat.

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