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Sale end-to-end online insurance : Desjardins joined the young and the less young


Justine Montminy

March 21, 2018 13:30

Alain Hade | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Since December, the Desjardins group offers the opportunity to buy an auto insurance policy online entirely on its own. The co-operative has, however, made the official announcement early this week.

This possibility is currently available only to consumers in québec, who want to deal with one of its two subsidiaries : Desjardins Insurance and The Personal. Using an agent that is certified is available at the need, has also informed the financial institution of the insurance Journal.

Follow the market trends

Desjardins said they want to follow the trends of the market migrates to digital, said Alain Hade, vice-president, experience members-customers, and marketing at Desjardins Insurance, in interview to the Newspaper of insurance.

“The offer is not yet very present on the market,” said Mr. Hade. Clients increasingly want to have an alternative virtual full, simple and well made. It is sure that the craze for our service is not comparable to the release of a new iPhone, but it is still present. “

“Excellent host”

Although the service is available to consumers since December, the insurer has made the official announcement this week. “The home is excellent so far. We contacted every customer that has made the entire process of online shopping, which has enabled us to identify the points of improvement. As the solution is online, the fixes, if they occur, are easy to make “, said Mr. Hade.

Even if the new generation is mostly referred by this change, the service has attracted people of all ages. “We have a tendency to believe that older people do not use mobile and online services, but this is false. Membership to the online and mobile services is more widespread than we think, ” said the spokesperson Desjardins group, Valérie Lamarre, also present during the interview.

The insurer explains that several customers over the age of 50 have made the purchase of their automobile insurance online since the release of the service. Clients 80 years and over have also used the stand-alone service.

An alternative to the existing service

Mr. Hade stated that it is important to offer to consumers the opportunity to purchase their policy through an agent. “Even if young people seem to be born with a smartphone in your hands, it is possible that they are concerned about to purchase their first car insurance policy online. They may prefer to be in a relationship with a real person. “

Mr. Hade adds, nothing replaces the relationship between two individuals. It specifies that all the insurance agents who provide support, even for the online service purchase the automobile insurance policy, are certified.

To that responsibility when the claim ?

At the Day of damage insurance, Mr. Hade has tackled the thorny issue of responsibility if a customer has misunderstood a question during the submission and he said that Desjardins would take over the responsibility. It has, however, clarified in an interview that Desjardins will take the responsibility on his shoulders, and shall indemnify the customer if the insurer notices that he has omitted to ask him a question during the underwriting of the risk in line.

“We have developed our site with consumers to ensure that everything was clear. Thus, we will assume that the answers provided by the customer is good “, he adds.

The vice-president added that all the submissions made independently are verified. In case of abnormality, the client is contacted by a certified representative. “We want to be certain that everything is coherent in the same way that if an adviser had explained the different fonts. “

Complies with the requirements of bill 141

Alain Hade adds that this launch has been done with the intent to comply with the requirements listed in the draft law 141, which is not yet adopted. He said he is sure that in the event of its adoption, its online sales service is not affected.

“When we developed our solution, we folded on the recommendations that thefinancial markets Authority suggested the government. Regardless of the outcome of the bill, I doubt that our platform is well far of the new measures of the government. “

Other new features

Desjardins also announced that its customers in the country will be able to make a claim for a damaged vehicle online. With the help of a claims specialist, if needed, the customer may also declare the claim to us to obtain a confirmation of coverage, liability and deductible to pay and then make an appointment with a bodyshop for the damage estimate.

The insurer also indicated that depending on the type of car and severity of damage, it will be possible to use the mobile application for Desjardins Insurance Auto-Home, The Personal, or State Farm to attach photos of the damaged vehicle. The body shop should be able to make its estimate at a distance.

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