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School Zones : a canadian insurer alert drivers via their GPS


Charles Mathieu

5 September 2019 13:30

Aviva Canada sends currently alerts on the GPS navigation application Waze drivers in five canadian cities when they travel in school zones.

As well, if they use the application for their travel, drivers of Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver will see a window appear in the upper part of their screen when they drive in a school zone.

These alerts will be sent to the next five weeks, Monday to Friday.

In the framework of this partnership between the insurer and Waze, the data have been transmitted so that they “are geolocated and integrated into the application,” says Aviva.

Previously, the insurer was related to a Parachute, in order to identify school zones at risk and make them safer.

A strategy based on the data

These initiatives are in response to the announcement of the program States for highways safer for Aviva. It aims to “strengthen the security of dangerous roads and school zones through community-based projects, innovations, strategic partnerships and the use of our data on claims,” said the insurer in a press release published last July.

“While other initiatives to improve road safety aim at influencing the behaviour of road users, the program States for highways safer Aviva has been designed to have an impact on the physical environment with which they interact. We will use our knowledge, our data, our partnerships, and our funding to invest directly in road safety initiatives “, added Jason Storah, chief executive officer of Aviva Canada.

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