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Scooter electric Montreal : the users should they ensure ?


Aurélia Morvan

August 9, 2019 13:30

Scooters Lime

The drivers of scooters take to the streets. After Paris, London or New York, the company Lime has just obtained the green light from the City of Montreal to deploy its scooters electric self-service. Michael Markevich, general manager of Lime to the East of Canada, confirmed to the Journal of insurance, stating that the activities of the american company ” will cover the first of the boroughs of Ville-Marie, Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Villeray — Saint-Michel — Parc-Extension and the related municipality of Westmount “.

At the dawn of the arrival of gear in the streets of montréal, the Journal de l’assurance wondered if an insurance obligation was the responsibility of their users, as is the case in particular in France. The answer is no !

No obligation insurance

“According to the Law on automobile insurance, scooters, electric are not intended to circulate on the public roads, and although driven by an electric motor, which are not covered by the obligation to hold a contract of insurance of civil liability of automobile,” says thefinancial markets Authority.

To be clear, the scooters allowed to ride on bike paths and sidewalks, and not on the roads and the streets, therefore they are not considered motor vehicles, they have an engine or not. Their users are not subject to the obligation of coverage, in contrast to the motorists.

And in the event of an accident ?

However, accidents between users of scooters and pedestrians are increasing in the large cities where these devices abound. Last April, a ” hit and scooter-has, in particular, caused the death of an octogenarian who was walking along a passage for pedestrians in the suburbs of paris, reports the newspaper Le Parisien.

“The fact that the scooters, electric bikes, scooters and scooters need to do not require that the user have an insurance for travel does not mean that this is not a good idea to be covered for civil liability,” according to the Bureau of insurance of Canada (IBC).

The TRAY reminded that any holder of a home insurance policy is covered for civil liability. If they have an insurance contract owners, co-owners or tenant-occupant, “users of vehicles that are not subject to mandatory registration, which are intended to operate only outside of public roads and which are not covered by another contract of insurance” and are thus covered, completes the Authority.

“To note that insurers will usually provide the users of such devices only if they are limited to a speed or maximum force. For example, the police, the owner-occupant of the IBC specifies this limit to 32 km/h “, said the Authority. Since the scooters Lime are limited to 25 km/h, their users having a home insurance policy should normally be covered. The Authority, however, indicates that, ” of course, an insurer is always free to establish its own criteria, hence the importance for the consumer to verify his or her contract in case of doubt “.

April launches an insurance dedicated in France…

In France, the civil liability of a private insurance “does not support that gear, not powered, or not exceeding 6 km/h, the speed of a pedestrian or a scooter mechanic and not a scooter electric that can reach 25 km/h,” says April Motorcycle.

The French subsidiary ofApril comes to launch insurance specifically intended for users of scooters electrical. Indeed, in France, when a gear land has an engine, as is the case for cars or scooters electric, the user must ensure in respect of civil liability.

…but not in Canada

In Canada, such insurance may apply to users of scooters that do not have home insurance, but wishing all the same to be covered in the event of an accident.

Mylène Spar, manager of strategy and marketing chez April Canada, indicates to us that the insurer has not planned to launch such a product for the moment. “April Motorcycle boasts of its expertise in two-wheels for many years, that we have not yet worked in Canada. Wishing to establish April Canada as a specialist niches, we are launching the products that we have taken a comprehensive approach in terms of approach to product and market. This is in order to develop a real expertise in the field and to better meet the needs of the consumer, ” Ms. Spar.

“We will not close not the door to this new emerging market in Montreal, but have no appetite for the moment “, she says.

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