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Sébastien Gabez takes the direction of April Canada


Hubert Roy

August 1, 2018 09:45

Sébastien Gabez | Photo : Réjean Meloche

New leadership at the head of the wholesaler April Canada. Sébastien Gabez, who was the chief financial officer, takes over the management. He succeeds Nick Kidd, thanked for their services.

The last day of Mr. Kidd to be the head of April was the 31st of July. Mr. Gabez takes charge today. The Journal of insurance and spoke with him.

A reorganization of the head leaders of the wholesaler will, confirmed Mr. Gabez, since it will not retain all of the hats that they held. It is also said to have a good idea of the management structure he wants to put in place, based on the niches of the wholesaler.

1 200 brokerage firms in Canada

Mr. Gabez stresses that the decision of the wholesaler to separate themselves from Mr. Kidd had nothing to do with his qualities, his attitude or his commitment, especially as Mr. Kidd was well appreciated in the market, ” he stressed.

The head office of the group, established in Lyon, France, was to give a new direction to its business to Canada, where he deals with 1 200 brokerage firms.

Market value-added

Mr. Gabez stresses that the wholesaler now wants to focus on markets where it can present a high added value. He gives the example of the markets of the taxi, pleasure boat or even entrepreneurs.

“We want to orient to the needs of customers. Not on the capacity of insurers. It refocuses April on its know-how. We will put more energy in locations where we have something different to offer. “

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