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Segic is a partner for its new platform



29 November 2018 13:30

Danny Baker | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Segic has announced the launch of a platform that the company claims to be focused on the improvement of the collective health and for which it has formed several partnerships in order to offer a range of tools related to the prevention of diseases. Biron Health Group, Clinia, Omnimed and Reacts are among the companies with which Segic allied.

The tools proposed by the partners allow, among other things, to use DNA to identify drugs with risks of incompatibility or to quickly find a health care professional. Plan members also have access to a service of sharing information with an electronic medical record and an interactive platform for distance collaboration between health professionals and their patients.

“By creating an ecosystem of strong partners, Segic aims to provide a range of tools that will allow policyholders to have better control of their health and, de facto, better manage chronic diseases,” says the company in its press release.

“Revolutionize practices in collective insurance”

Segic said also aspire to eliminate the “middlemen unnecessary” to enable the lessees plan to reduce their costs by doing the self-management of their group insurance.

“We aspire to revolutionize practices in the field of group insurance, said Danny Boulanger, president and ceo of SEGIC. This business model currently suffers from a high obsolescence — and a certain verticality — on the technological level, which slows the progress. At the time of mobility and agility, this sector still operates with the legacy systems on which roll of outdated applications. “

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