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Sell insurance from the Moon


Hubert Roy


Justine Montminy

February 20, 2018 07:00

Bill 141 eliminates the bonds that were linked to the council in the area, believe Alain Paquet, Bertrand Larocque and Maxime Gauthier.

Anyone could sell his advice to consumers, without any mandatory training, they say. The selling tips could be made by a seller who does not have professional liability in the face to consumers, they add.
“The minister asked the consumers themselves become experts. It forwards to the citizen all the responsibility of having misunderstood a clause in a contract of a hundred pages, ” says Bertrand Larocque, financial planner and director of the Association of professional advisers in financial services (ACPSF).
The three experts forecast the possibility of opening call centers here or abroad. “The subscription must be made by an entity. Put this operator where you want to. It could be on the Moon if we built a base one day and he will be able to give advice from there. What will happen if, as a seller, the operator receives sales quotas to meet on certain products ? “concerned Maxime Gauthier, head of compliance at Mérici Services financiers.
“Insurance products can be complex. It takes financial advisors. The financial institutions as well as insurers are the big winners in the bill. We go back 30 years, where commercial interests took precedence over those of the citizens “, adds the economist Alain Paquet, a former liberal minister delegate for Finance.


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