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Severe thunderstorms : good news for the disaster victims


Hubert Roy

July 12, 2019 13:30

In the aftermath of violent storms last night that caused strong winds, even tornadoes in some areas, the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) was held to inform citizens of disaster victims that they had good chance that their claim is covered.

The LAC has stated that the majority of the contracts home and auto insurance cover the property damage caused by this type of natural disaster.


If the residence does not present any danger that can compromise the security of its inhabitants, the insured may then take certain steps to protect their property and, thus, avoid any further damage or risk of contamination, advises the TRAY.

The organization also recommends that the disaster victims clean up the areas affected and the assets exposed to the infiltration of water, if necessary, to prevent contamination, keep all invoices and all supporting documents relating to expenses incurred and document the loss by taking photos or video.

The damage to the vehicles are, for their part, covered under the contract of automobile insurance to the extent that the insured has opted for the coverage “All risk “”specific Risk” or ” All risks except collision or overturn “.

Elsewhere in the world

It is not only Quebec that has been plagued with sudden bouts of rain in the last few days. Aon has revealed several in his most recent weekly report on natural disasters.

In China, the floods that followed the torrential rains of last week have affected the 4.65 million people. The economic damage expected to exceed one billion u.s. dollars.

Various regions of the United States have also been victims of the rain and hail this last week. The damage will amount to$100 Million.

Another event worthy of mention : the breaking of a glacier caused floods… in Pakistan. The strength of the impact of the fall of the glacier named Azghor has resulted in its wake five bridges. Substantial damages have been recorded in houses, agricultural fields and energy infrastructure.

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