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SFL Sources merged with SFL Agency Labelle


Alain Thériault

December 19, 2018 11:00

Alain Legault | Photo : Réjean Meloche

The grouping SFL Sources/SFL Copper and Gold/SFL Laval-Laurentides has acquired the centre financier SFL Agency Labelle, in a deal that will be formalized on January 1, 2019.

Denis Blackburn, vice-president, sales performance and management of networks of SFL wealth Management, made the announcement in an internal memo, including the Journal of insurance has received a copy. “This transaction will boost the momentum of growth of the cluster while consolidating its presence on the north shore of Montreal. This new synergy will benefit both the advisors served by SFL Agency Labelle to their customers and to the administrative staff, ” said Mr. Blackburn.

When the financial centres in SFL Quebec had been grouped at the beginning of 2018, SFL Agency Labelle had been the only one not to join any grouping. Subsequently, the Journal of insurance has learned from a reliable source that negotiations were ongoing between the owner of SFL Agency Labelle, Jean-Yves St-Pierre, and the director-owner of the consolidation SFL Sources, Alain Legault.

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Mr. Blackburn was keen to acknowledge the contribution of Jean-Yves St-Pierre to the network, SFL, an amount he described as exceptional. Mr. St-Pierre has worked as a director-owner of SFL Agency Labelle for the past 45 years, ” he recalls.

“Contractor rigorous and passionate, Jean-Yves has always referred to the most high for the customers and for the advisors affiliated with our network. I would like to thank him warmly. It has contributed significantly to the growth and development of SFL Management of heritage “, added Mr. Blackburn.


As soon as the next few weeks and in the coming months, Mr. St-Pierre and his team will work together with Mr. Legault to tie the two entities smoothly. “Ultimately, all will benefit from this new association, since the advisors and the customers will have access to a range of services extended in the field of wealth management, thus enabling them to deploy their full potential,” said Denis Blackburn.

Former president of Firm insurance National Bank (CABN), Mr. Blackburn was recruited in June 2018 by Michael Rogers, boss of SFL, to develop the offer of complementary services for the benefit of the distribution partners and advisors for all the networks of SFL, including Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN) and Desjardins Financial Security Investment (DFSI).

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