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SSQ combines with a fintech offering mortgages online



16 July 2019 13:30

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SSQ Insurance was associated with the fintech, which proposes to enter into a mortgage transaction entirely online. The partnership is one of seo, enabling the insurer to offer its life insurance products to consumers who have indicated their interest. says that the customer information will be sent to SSQ ” in a fully secure and confidential “.

“This agreement with is part of our commitment to adapt to the consumption habits of our customers and offer them insurance solutions that are relevant, at the appropriate time. With this partnership, we will be able to reach those who are in the process of shopping for a mortgage, offer to fill the need of insurance related to this event of life, which is the purchase of a property “, support Éric Trudel, senior vice president — strategy and management of the supply of SSQ Insurance.

“We are very pleased of this partnership with SSQ Insurance, which will simplify the lives of our customers by enabling them to respond easily to their insurance needs during a busy period that is the purchase of a property. It is a sound partnership for our two organizations, ” said Malik Yacoubi, president and ceo of

Supported by the fund Portag3

The fintech is a subsidiary of the Diagram, that it is supported by the investment fund dedicated to fintechs Portag3, in which SSQ Insurance has invested in 2018.

Note that we have made a partnership with another company that is a Diagram or Dialog, the telemedicine platform.

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