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SSQ Insurance is associated with a company’s digital legacy


Justine Montminy

April 17, 2018 13:30

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SSQ Insurance has announced its partnership with the quebec-based company A gift from heaven. The company offers a service that is interactive and personalized to its customers, who would like to leave a remembrance for their loved ones at the time of their death.

A gift from the sky offers several options for inheritance possible, by way of comforting words, a video or audio recording, the creation of a piece of jewelry is customizable, or even the opportunity to reproduce one last time together by virtual reality.

When the client has selected the memory he wants to leave to his loved ones, he must determine the heirs that will receive attention, select the recurrence of the action and choose two people who will be mandated to inform the team of A gift from heaven when it comes to death.

Participation in SSQ

SSQ Insurance is the first corporate partner of the quebec-based company. The insurer would like to test the responsiveness of the service with its 2000 employees, before offering them to its customers.

“I am confident that we will be able to offer the service of our customers optionally. We will be able to offer preferential rates in a first time, and then we will possibly include it in one of our products “, stated in the Journal of insurance the first vice-president, strategies and supply management at SSQ Insurance, Éric Trudel.

It gives as an example the telemedicine platform for Dialogue, which had been tested on employees of SSQ before being built into some products.

“Think of the psychological aspect”

Mr. Trudel admits to have been particularly affected by the service offered by A gift from the heavens. “I’m trained as an actuary and I have always seen the side very cartesian of life insurance. Traditionally, insurers think to solve the financial problems that arise following a death. We don’t necessarily think the psychological consequences. I realized that if I died in an accident tomorrow morning, I will have no message to leave to my family, ” he says.

“Our clients have the opportunity to offer a peace of mind linked to a human initiative, focused first and foremost on the wellbeing of loved ones in the difficult circumstances that they live in their absence, and this, in peace and dignity,” says the president and founder of A gift of the sky, Marie-Eve Chamberland. She has also worked at SSQ Insurance for several years.

Support offered

During the delivery of the legacy, professional support for the heir is offered by the team of A gift from heaven. “This is one of the things that has ensured that we have looked to this company rather than another. Most of the companies of the same kind provide simply a digital medium, without psychological support following the receipt of remembrance “, said Mr. Trudel.

All the legacies emotional will be stored in a vault of security for a period of ten years. At the end of the warranty, the customer will be able to renew it or request to receive the gifts of heaven provided for his heirs according to the terms and conditions laid down to that effect.

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