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SSQ offers the pgx to its clients with depression


Justine Montminy

June 5, 2018 11:30

SSQ Insurance is teaming up with the quebec company BiogeniQ to offer a genetic test to its group insurance clients in disability due to a diagnosis of depression.

The treatment of depression often requires several trials before finding the right treatment for the person who suffers from it. Pharmacogenomics allows us to select the drugs that are compatible with the genes of the patient by studying his DNA directly. The period of “trial and error” is avoided and the purpose of the test is a reduction in the risk of side effects and an overall improvement of the effectiveness of the treatment.

“Studies show that individualized treatment, based on analyses of pgx, can reduce the duration of a disability related to depression, while increasing the chance of remission “, explains Étienne Crevier, founder of BiogeniQ.

Control the cost of group insurance plans

Insureds who agree to participate in the process will receive a collection kit saliva directly from BiogeniQ to perform a genetic test. SSQ will not receive any income in connection with the tests carried out and analysed, and the results will be sent directly to the physician treating the patient, who may choose a treatment based on the results obtained.

“Those insured with SSQ Insurance, will be able to consider a treatment best suited to their situation and possibly a more rapid return to active life. By the same token, this practice could ultimately help control the cost of group insurance plans for policyholders, ” said Eric Trudel, senior vice-president, Strategies and supply management at SSQ Insurance.

To extend the offer to all customers

SSQ does not exclude the possibility of extending the offer to all of its customers or to extend it to other diseases. BiogeniQ offers, among others, of the balance sheets of germplasm for the attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD), disorders of the heart and cancer treatments.

According to research in the Journal of insurance, a genetic test in BiogeniQ costs normally 285 $.

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