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Sun Life creates a new spending account staff


Justine Montminy

August 14, 2018 09:45

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The Sun Life Financial has developed a new account of expenditure personnel designed to promote the physical well-being, mental and financial of canadian workers.

Accuracy in the Journal of insurance, Sun Life indicated that the new account of expenditures, staff is proposing an increase in the number of eligible expenditures in comparison to the previous account.

Experience fully digital

“We have also developed a new experience entirely digital. Customers can submit claims, check balances and view their coverage information online or via their mobile app. Claims are submitted electronically and processed instantly. Most refunds are deposited in less than 48 hours, ” said Sun Life.

A spending account is a product offered to employees and is financed by the employer which allows reimbursement of several services and articles related to the health and well-being

Eligible expenses

The total amounts covered are determined by the employers according to the needs of employees. The count of expenses usually cover services that are not covered by health care plans and dental care traditional.

For example, the account of expenses personnel may cover, among other subscriptions to a training center or during a sporting activity Programs weight management programs weight management programs stress management, and dietary supplements. Programs weight management Programs weight management Programs weight management Programs weight management

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