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Sun Life launches a platform with a fintech canadian



18 April, 2019 09:30

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Rise People has announced that it has launched an integrated platform of management of the social advantages, which was built in collaboration with Sun Life Financial.

Rise explains that the solution allows employers to ” do the management of the benefits with the insurance premiums, and deductions are synchronized across all systems of human resources management, benefits and payroll “.

Sun Life and Rise have recently completed a canadian tour to present their new integrated solution and partner program to benefit consultants.

“Rise offers exactly what our customers want : a digital platform with benefits administration, payroll, and human resources are integrated, how their employees will benefit,” says Dave Jones, senior vice president, employee benefits at Sun Life. Sun Life is the only canadian insurer that offers this level of integration, allowing our customers to save time and offering them the opportunity to focus on what matters most to their business. “

“Our partnership with Sun Life helps our clients to maximise the commitment of their employees, their health and productivity with a single solution in its kind,” adds Faiz Abdulla, founder and ceo of Rise People. We are excited to be working with benefit consultants across Canada so that they can offer greater value to their customers, and the feedback has been tremendous. This new solution changes the game for our advisors, partners, helping them to win the battle of competition with increased efficiency, accuracy and cost savings. “

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