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Tag uses of drones in scouting


Andrea Lubeck

March 20, 2018 07:00

Image taken by the drone of the Tag during the tracking of a stolen vehicle

The company’s tracking Tag now uses drones with camera onboard to support the teams scouting.

Mainly used in the region, the drone allows the technicians to Tag more easily identify and safely where the vehicles are hidden. Recently, the company received a report of a truck to a wrangler to a value of $ 250,000, stolen and found in a wooded area at Hinchinbrooke, in Montérégie, near the u.s. border.

Freddy Marcantonio, vice-president, business development and retail at Tag, explains that the thieves will spawn a path in the woods cutting down some trees and store the vehicles in a “yard” that they open. “Rather than our team visit the construction site, a technician is flying a drone with a camera onboard to confirm that the vehicle is well. Once the vehicle is found, the team will contact the authorities, ” he says.

The tracking allowed us to find three other trucks that were reported stolen that were not equipped with the Tag system and several pieces stolen. “The constant evolution of the techniques of theft of vehicles is a challenge we must all face. The methods and reasons of the flights have changed very markedly in recent years. Technological advances are creating all sorts of new possibilities for Tag. This is why we continue to find innovative tools for the identification, ” said Dr. Marcantonio.

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