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Tax evasion : Revenu Québec will hire 75 investigators, and paid whistle-blowers


Justine Montminy

18 June 2018 11:00

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Revenu Québec implements its Program of compensation of whistle-blowers of the transactions covered by the general anti-avoidance rule or constitutes a trick of the eye, which stems from the action Plan that will ensure tax fairness.

Made public on November 10 by the Quebec government, the plan requires the hiring of 75 people who will form an advocacy group specializing in tax planning international. The program put in place by Revenu Québec, it has the goal of offsetting the cost of personal, social or professional, that a termination may cause.

Up to 15 % of the rights in compensation

Providing compensation, in a well-structured framework, can be a effective incentive to encourage persons with relevant information to transmit it to Revenu Québec. This information will enable him to act effectively in order to detect more quickly aggressive tax avoidance “, says the minister of Finance, Carlos J. Leitão.

To be eligible for the program, a whistleblower must provide Revenu Québec with accurate and credible information that would allow to recover at least $ 100,000 for rights to the result of the application of a tax law.

The remuneration of a whistleblower may reach up to 15 % of the rights, other than penalties and interest, recovered by Revenu Québec. The rate of pay will be established according to four criteria : the quality, the relevance, the value of the information to Revenu Québec and the co-operation of the whistleblower.

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