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The adoption rate of key technologies, reaching a record level


Andrea Lubeck

May 17, 2018 09:45

Three-quarters of canadian firms (75 %) have adopted the eight key technologies, indicates the Sheet of technological assessment of the Centre for study of insurance operations (CSIO). The adoption rate has increased by 6 % across the country in 2017. It is a ” new high “, according to the CSIO.

At the national level, the adoption rate of Web sites optimized for mobile devices has increased by 16 %, from 53 % in 2016 to 69 % in 2017. In the products of the CSIO, the rate of adoption of eDocs has climbed to 7 % and that of eSignatures 6% for s,respectively to 77 % and 11 %.

Quebec generally similar

The adoption rate of firms quebec to the eight key technologies is generally similar to the national average. In Quebec, the technologies for which the variance of the rate of adoption is the more important of which are search engine optimization (SEO) (adoption rate of 46 % in the province compared to 66 % nationally), secure e-mail (77 % vs. 91 %) and eSignatures (2 % vs. 11 %).

The overall average across the province was 71 %, while the national average is 75 %. Nova Scotia is the province where the general average is the highest with 87 %, and the lowest is in Manitoba, with 59 %.

The CSIO measure of the rate of adoption of technologies according to eight tools, namely, eDocs, the portal CSIOnet, eSignatures or recording of calls, secure emails, a Web site of the brokerage firm, a mobile Web site, using search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

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