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The APCSF wants to rectify statements made in the debates of the draft law 141


Alain Thériault

June 7, 2018 09:45

Flavio Vani

While the adoption of the draft law 141 is imminent, theAssociation of professional advisers services financial (APCSF) wants to rectify statements made in the last few days of work, because they devalue the profession as an independent advisor.

President of the APCSF, Flavio Vani did not appreciate that the minister of Finance, Carlos Leitao, and his deputy minister, Richard Boivin, held during the finance Committee public statements that, according to him, suggests that the issues debated and consensus.

In a letter sent on June 5 at the Commission in the defense of the Rooms, the APCSF repeats his bitterness of not having been invited to the debate, although it represents more than 10,000 independent advisors and self-reliant. According to Mr. Vani, of the invited groups, such as the Regroupement des cabinets de courtage du Québec (RCCAQ) and the Council of professionals in financial services (CDPSF) are not representative entities of the members of the APCSF.

At the time the APCSF has sent his letter to the parliamentary Commission on 5 June, he was unaware of the decision of the minister taken on the same day, to maintain the autonomy of the Rooms.

Comments disparaging

Mr. Vani, protested against the remarks that he has found to be disparaging to the profession. “We particularly deplore the unhappy reviews, according to which the advisers would be more or less professional and would need to be constantly “monitored” by the compliance officers as they soucieraient little bit of ethics, as Mr. the deputy minister Boivin has suggested at each meeting of the commission last week “, he wrote.

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