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The Association for the prevention of water damage in Quebec sees the light of day


Hubert Roy

February 16, 2018 11:30

The founding members of the Association of the prevention of water damage (PREVDEQ), Mathieu Lachaîne, Gilles Fréchette and Jean-Hugues LaBrèque | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Three entrepreneurs have put their competition aside to develop theAssociation for the prevention of water damage in Quebec (PREVDEQ). The three founding members of the PREVDEQ are Gilles Fréchette, president of Security AquaDétect, Mathieu Lachaîne, president ofUbios, and Jean-Hugues LaBrèque, president ofInflotrolix.

The association was formed to bring together the different stakeholders of these areas, but also to be their spokesperson. These entrepreneurs also wish to inform the public of the reliable solutions available in the market and work with insurers and government bodies when the need arises. The Association is also given for the purpose of providing its members with tools to help improve the quality of services offered to the public.

Intact Insurance, the fourth member

The three founding members have recruited another member to join them. It is the largest insurer in Québec, Intact Insurance. In an email, Nick Cinotti, senior director, loss prevention at Quebec, business insurance, explained the reason for which the insurer has agreed to join PREVDEQ.

“We want to enable our policyholders as well as society as a whole to benefit from the know-how of the association in connection with the prevention of risks related to the damage caused by the water. Being aware of the impact they have on the quebec economy, we would like to put our vast expertise at the service of initiatives such as PREVDEQ “, he commented.

First official release

The first official release of PREVDEQ will be Tuesday, march 13th next, at the Day of the insurance of damages, at the Palais des congrès de Montréal.

The Journal of insurance will publish a complete account of PREVDEQ in one of his next editions.

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