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The Authority focuses on the practices in disabilities related to psychological factors


Andrea Lubeck

April 20, 2018 11:30

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Thefinancial markets Authority will publish a report on the practices of insurers in relation to the processing of insurance claims for group disability, including disabilities related to psychological factors. The report will focus on best practices in this area and of the findings overall, that will be used to the Authority in its monitoring activities.

The intervention is also composed of a query of information sent to insurers licensed to offer these products in Quebec and interviews with the main stakeholders of the industry.

“The Authority wishes to obtain a global picture more detailed practices in the industry and ensure that business practices are appropriate and generate a fair treatment of the consumer,” says the regulator.

In response to the last few weeks

The Authority says conduct this investigation while the subject of disabilities related to psychological factors has led stakeholders from different fields to deliberate on the public square “. Among others, the case of Samuel Archibald, who was denied compensation benets by Desjardins Assurances in the autumn of last year, was widely publicized.

More recently, the spokesperson for the Parti Québécois in the field of finance, Nicolas Marceau, has challenged the minister of Finance Carlos J. Leitão on this subject by the parliamentary commission.

The insured dissatisfied guests to bring a complaint

The Authority reminds the insured dissatisfied with the decision of the insurer to attempt to agree with the person handling his case and file a complaint if the disagreement persists. The regulator states that the insurers have the obligation to treat the complaints of their customers. If customers are still dissatisfied, the Authority invites them to request in writing the transfer of their complaint, which will do the analysis and that could provide a service-of-court settlement.

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