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The Authority provides for measures against abuse of elders



February 23, 2018 09:45

Thefinancial markets Authority will draft and distribute a memory aid for helping in the identification of situations of financial abuse of people of one’s elders and a guide setting out the good practices to be adopted in respect of vulnerable people, she announced at the Forum on child abuse material and financial support toward individuals of one’s elders.

The Authority has specified that the measures will be targeted as well to the stakeholders of the financial sector to retired persons and senior, in addition to their entourage. She also said that she will continue to offer conferences on the prevention of financial fraud from the clientele older and stakeholders in the financial sector who work with it.

Mobilize the stakeholders

The discussions were designed in particular to mobilize actors so that they play a concrete and concerted action to combat this phenomenon, according to four components, that is, to inform, to prevent, identify and intervene. The forum brought together sector stakeholders, financial, legal and government, researchers and members of organizations that represent and advocate for people older in quebec.

“The Authority is very sensitive to the financial risks facing the customer eldest, who is among the most vulnerable in society. We are also responsible for implementing several of the measures announced in the government action Plan, in keeping with our mission of financial education “, points out Louis Morisset, president and ceo of the Autorité des marchés financiers.

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