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The bill 150 could die on the order paper, anticipates the Parti Québécois


Denis Méthot

March 23, 2018 13:30

Nicolas Marceau | Photo : Denis Méthot

The bill 150 could, for lack of time, to die on the order paper for the suspension of the work of the national Assembly in mid-June, according to the Parti québécois.

At least that is what anticipates Nicolas Marceau, spokesperson of the official opposition in matters of Finance for the account of the Parti québécois. The chances that the elect could adopt it before the summer recess seem to be very weak, due to the amount of work that awaits the parliamentarians in the coming weeks.

Bill 150 contains numerous provisions affecting the insurance sector, including the obligation for insurance brokers of damages to provide the proposals of four insurers to their customers. These are not the mandates that are missing from the Committee on public finance, emphasized Mr. Marceau, in an interview to the Journal of the insurance.

The budget and the draft law 141 block the path

On 27 march, the minister of Finance, Carlos J. Leitão, will present the budget 2018-2019 of the province, which will be followed by ten hours of commission on its content. The appropriations of the ministry of Finance will be studied in may, which will require a further two weeks of work by the parliamentary commission. This will shorten the time that the elect will be able to devote to the projects of act 141 and 150, said Mr. Marceau.

After the study of the credits, it will remain seven to eight weeks in the session prior to the adjournment summer to complete the examination of the draft law 141 and proceed to its adoption by the national Assembly.

Y arrive-t-on ?

“This is going to depend on the collaboration of everyone,” said Nicolas Marceau. At this stage, all parliamentarians recognize the importance of bill 141. Each has its concerns and its subjects on which he will want to have answers. I hope I get the changes and clarifications that I want. “

Before tackling the project of loi150 room, a large which has ramifications in the areas of transport, health, stock exchange and insurance, to name a few, the elect, will have finished with the bill 141, even more imposing. It is not certain that this last is adopted in its entirety prior to the suspension of work in mid-June due to lack of time.

To complicate time, bill 150 should be studied, article by article, an exercise which would require several tens of hours, emphasizes Nicolas Marceau. However, the national Assembly does not resume its work in the fall due to the elections held at the beginning of October. Since the parties will not return to the room before the election in the fall, two scenarios are possible. The form of bill 150 will be adopted before the summer recess, is he will die on the order paper, said the deputy from Rousseau.

After the elections

If the Quebec Liberal Party is re-elected in the fall, it is necessary to see if the Finance minister would immediately on the agenda in its entirety. But if the Parti Quebecois or Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) came to power, it is certain that the new government would bring about change. Also, the PQ and the CAQ had both voted against the budget 2017-2018, in which bill 150 was formed.

“The problems that we want to repair with the bill 150 in the area of brokerage and insurance exist. It will need to be adjust, it is certain, ” insists Nicolas Marceau. Any government, whatever it is, will not be able to put the head in the sand and carry on as if nothing had happened. Is it that the PQ government would address these problems with current bill ? I doubt it. It is sure that the grind would not be the same. “

The government’s response

The Journal of insurance has joined the ministry of Finance to know its vision in relation to upcoming deadlines. His spokesperson, Audrey Cloutier, emphasized that the project of act 141 is to the study at the present time. Then, the government has the intention to proceed to that bill 150, she said. “Obviously, the collaboration of the opposition will be required “, she simply commented.

To read Monday morning in, the weekly paying of the insurance Journal : Nicolas Marceau speaks on the concept of the four bids for broker and shareholder of an insurer may own in a cabinet.

*With the collaboration of Hubert Roy

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