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The bill 150 is undergoing a slimming cure; the clauses relating to the insurance removed


Serge Therrien


Hubert Roy

18 May 2018 11:05

Bill 150 does not impose the insurance brokers of damages to present four bids from different insurers to their customers.

The study article by article the draft law 150 was made on Tuesday and Wednesday to the Committee on public finance. His report was voted in the national Assembly on Thursday. It is as well past of some 300 articles in 50, told a source in authority next to the folder in the Journal of the insurance. It has been stripped of all the articles related to insurance.

Go to the trap : the obligation of the broker to provide four submissions to its customer, the possibility to allow the redemption to the police by a third party in life insurance, but also many rules and regulations affecting the insurance collective.

Bill 150 also provided for review of the supervision of the condominiums in Quebec. These measures have also been removed. A new bill is expected to revive them, said the Chamber of damage insurance, in a bulletin released yesterday and which the of the insurance Journal has obtained a copy.

The Department has kept records hot of bill 150, as the levy of taxes on digital services, such as Netflix.

The RCCAQ does not cry out for victory

The Regroupement des cabinets de courtage d’assurance du Québec (RCCAQ) has warned its members not to declare victory too quickly following the removal of the obligation to provide four submissions. The Grouping is questioned whether this provision could be delivered to the front.

“It is currently too early to know if the issues addressed in bill 150 will be reflected in the draft law 141. The RCCAQ continues its work of representation in this regard “, he said in a newsletter released Thursday, and of which the of the insurance Journal has obtained a copy.

The study of bill 141 relaxes

With regard to the consideration of bill 141, four study sessions were held since the beginning of may. The last one took place Thursday morning. The work will resume in the week of 28 may as the national Assembly begins its parliamentary leave of a week from Monday.

It will continue its work the week of may 28 week of June 4 and a part of the week of June 11. The session ends on Friday, June 15. The projects of law which have not been adopted to this date, will die on the order paper.

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