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The broker associations to develop a new logo



5 September 2018 13:30

Theinsurance brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) has revealed its new logo, the Programme for the promotion of the broker (BIP) yesterday. It had been created in 1988 within the framework of an advertising campaign across Canada.

It aims to promote the role of the insurance broker as a qualified professional who offers objective advice, choice and customer service that seeks to ensure.

“After 30 years of success, we have slightly modified the logo to give it a touch of modernism, says Peter Braid, executive director of ACTA. We do not waive our brand or to the value it represents — we don’t create a new brand image, rather, it is a normal stage in our evolution. The new logo remains easy to recognize and familiar. It sports the same typical color magenta, and the public will be able to see the two logos coexist during the transition period. “

The association currently represents 38 000 brokers in the country. A new campaign platform will be launched to remind consumers to ” the value of advice on insurance coverage if they want to get adequate coverage “.

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