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The Capital is accelerating its strategy of deployment of technology


Andrea Lubeck

9 April 2018 13:30

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The Capital insurance and financial services has entered into an agreement with Google Cloud to accelerate the strategy of technological innovation. The insurer is in the process of reviewing its digital applications, client area and submission fast, said Eric Marcou, vice-president, architecture and IT innovation in The Capital, in an interview to the Journal of the insurance.

In addition to a platform for live chat, The Capital intends to operate the voice recognition is making some services of The Capital available through channels such as Google Home.

“We offer a good telephone service, but we know that digital technology is emerging, and to track the patterns of consumption, we believe that it is necessary to have a greater presence. A lot of questions that we receive could be easily and more quickly answered in this manner. This would lead to cost savings and allow employees to concentrate on issues that demand more of their attention, ” said Mr. Marcoux.

Abstract the administrative structure

The objective of The Capital is essentially to break down the administrative structure. “If a consumer has a product of home insurance and a product insurance collective, we want it not felt that they have been dealing with different companies. The goal is to make the platform as simple as possible, ” said Mr. Marcoux.

Mr. Marcoux noted that the choice of The Capital was stopped on Google, because the proposed platform was essentially turnkey. “Google offers a certain ease and allows us to deliver the innovations in small pieces while maintaining the infrastructures that are already in place. “He also added that the agreement has no fixed duration, which gives the insurer an agility and allows you to respond to their needs in daily life.

He further explained that the insurer works closely with user groups to provide feedback and direct The Capital into the design of their platform. “For the customer area, for example, are the users who tell us what they like and what they expect to have and we will apply their comments to the platform. “

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