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The Capital is working to unify its technology platforms and increase sales


Alain Thériault

1 October 2018 11:30

Mario Albert

Sell more, and grow the in-force business in insurance. This is the essence of a great site in which started The Capital Insurance and financial services after 24 months of reflection : the modernization of its technology platforms and its transition to digital.

To achieve its objectives, The Capital city has undertaken a modernization of its technology platforms, to allow for a range of products and services more complete. “We found there are 24 months that he had to give a blow of bar, because we had been late, has revealed Mario Albert, executive vice-president, group insurance of The Capital,” during a product launch held in Montreal on 27 September, and which was attended by the Journal of insurance.

In the last 24 months, The Capital has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to modernize its management systems, contracts, claims and other added Mr. Albert. “We have made efforts to be extremely important to bring us back to the level of the technological point of view. “All of these expenses would not be worth anything if they add value to customers,” said Mario Albert.

“Our new systems allow us to improve some of the deficiencies in the products of The Capital, in the collective insurance, for example. “He cites the management accounts of health, in the limits and payment deadlines. “They allow us to do a lot more development in the future, much more quickly. “

Online claims

Rejuvenated, the systems for processing claims in the insurance collective will offer more services. “By the end of the year, the insurer will adopt the integrated solutions TELUS Health for all providers of care, including optometry services, massage therapy and other complementary services providers that are partners of TELUS,” revealed Mr. Albert on the sidelines of the event. These solutions allow, among other claims online and access to the network of providers TELUS, he explained.

All the new groups of group insurance will be administered on the new platform starting in 2019, has also revealed Mr. Albert. We aim that all groups existing there, will be transferred in the coming months, he added, which will ensure a supply of services to a much broader and complete.

Digital shift

Second axis of development, the transition to digital of The Capital goes much further than the group insurance, was recalled by Mr. Albert. In a few weeks, the insurer will be launching a new client area. It is a project of several years where the insurer will create a space for all of the services of The Capital. “As much insurance as the insurance of persons, individual and collective, will be grouped and integrated. The client will have a 360-degree view, ” says Mario Albert.

He also believes that this space will encourage cross-sales between the products of insurance of persons and damage insurance.

In the set of changes affecting the group insurance, it is expected that the deployment of the different stages spread over several years.

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