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The case of Lassonde Industries : how to reduce multiple risk factors


Alain Thériault

8 October 2018 07:00

Mathieu Girard

Over the years, Lassonde Industries has adopted several measures that have enabled him to substantially reduce his costs of health care, including acting on security and lifestyle.

Mathieu Girard, manager health, safety and well-being canadian operations and human resources advisor of Lassonde Industries, has cited the case of his company during the Symposium on insurance held in Montreal in April by Segic.

To encourage healthy lifestyle habits, Lassonde has taken several measures. The employees are among other guests to fill out a profile of health in their habits of life, including sleep, stress management, and tobacco use, explained Mr. Girard.

“We’ve hired kinesiologists and a clinical nurse on-site, to help us to put forward our program. The nurse may, therefore, propose a programme of action to employees as needed. “

The number of results, it evokes the program of support to stop smoking. “At the beginning of years 2010, we had 24 % of employees who are smokers. Now we are in between 16 % and 17 % “. revealed Mr. Girard.

Lassonde has also worked very hard on the working environment. “In 2015, we had 48 accidents in our north american plants. In the past year there had been only 15, has revealed to Mr. Girard. We see the fruit of our efforts. It’s all in the effort to raise awareness and accountability of employees at the level of the security but also the health and well-being. “

Lassonde has also curbed the cost by opting for self-insurance in health and dental care. The company wanted to reduce costs, but also have greater flexibility. Mathieu Girard reiterated the importance for the company to limit the losses. Lassonde has set the stop loss for health care to $ 50 000 per certificate of insurance. Any claim outside of Canada is common from the first dollar.

This structure allows Lassonde realize substantial savings. “According to the Company compensation in the Québec prescription drug insurance, if the risk of our group was fully insured by a insurer, that would amount to a pooling of us $ 120 000 per certificate,” revealed Mr. Girard.

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