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The CDPSF will be a board of directors neutral


Alain Thériault

June 6, 2018 09:05

Mario Gregory, CEO of the Council of professionals in financial services (CDPSF).

The new board of directors of the Council of professionals in financial services (CDPSF) will be neutral and without conflict of interest, said its president, Mario Gregory. Thus, no member will come from companies that can influence the content of the training.

The realignment of the CDPSF comes with a board, whiter than white, adds the CEO. “We will not have any voting members on our board of directors or representative of a corporation, to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. We want to give a neutrality. The directors shall be professionals of other backgrounds, such as accountants, lawyers, specialists in information technology… They can also be non-voting members, from the general public, if they have relevant expertise. “

Mario Gregory said he did not want to end up in a situation where an administrator from a distributor or a manufacturer of the industry would give the impression to influence an offer of training provided by the CDPSF. “We want to be a body of reference, a leader indispensable, and neutral financial education. We want to be more white than white, in terms of compliance and management of conflicts of interest. “

The board of directors already in place, has been re-appointed at the meeting of 31 may, for a transitional period of 12 months. New directors will be elected at a special general meeting and four directors will then need to be revoked, because they are voting members.

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