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The chain of blocks as revolutionary as the Internet, predicts Guy Carpenter


Aurelia Morvan

31 January 2019 13:30

A technology that could be just as revolutionary as the Internet is gaining popularity : the chain of blocks (blockchain).

This is what says Guy Carpenter about this technology for storage and transmission of information renowned for its transparency and security.

The banks are made

According to the american expert in reinsurance and global risk, ” nobody knows yet at what point the blockchain will change the deal “, whether for governments, the health care services or financial services. As was the case for the Internet in the early 1990s.

Guy Carpenter cited the example of the banking institutions around the world, adopt the chain of blocks for various actions such as trade settlement, payments processing and cross-border transactions.

The impact on insurance

In the past few months, the advent of the chain of blocks makes you think the leaders in the insurance industry. Thefinancial markets Authority has revealed that she is thinking, his guidance, particularly in regards to cryptomonnaies, such as Bitcoin. In the spring, insurers participating in the forum InsurTech Quebec have also claimed to see countless possibilities for the industry.

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