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The clauses of disparities based on the date of hiring will now be prohibited


Andrea Lubeck

18 July 2018 13:30

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The reform of the Act respecting labour standards contains some provisions that affect both the pension arrangements of the group insurance. It is now forbidden for the companies to put in place of clauses of disparities of treatment for the pension and group insurance plans for employees performing the same tasks in the same establishment.

Adopted on 12 June last, and some of whose provisions came into force on the same day, the reform act also provides that a convention or a decree may not have the effect of granting an employee a pension plan, a group insurance and / or benefits to different social because of his date of hire. The clauses of disparity in place prior to the June 12, remain valid.

Dissatisfaction of the industry

The division québécoise de l’Association canadienne des compagnies d’assurances de personnes (CLHIA Quebec) wishes that the bill be amended to ensure that ” employers still have the freedom to establish plans that meet their needs, those of their employees, and their financial capacity “.

“The CPOMA-Quebec believes that even if the employers have decided to offer, or to negotiate different plans for new employees, the goal remains the same. The goal is to provide conditions that meet employees ‘needs, promoting their recruitment and their retention,” explains Dominique Biron-Bordeleau, manager of public and government affairs for the organization.

The CPOMA-Québec also believes that the amendments are in addition to multiple factors that put additional pressure on the costs of the pension plans and benefits offered by employers.

New leave subject to the obligation of maintenance of the system

In addition, new leave are subject to the obligation to maintain participation in pension and group insurance, leave as a caregiver or following the death of a minor child.

The federal jurisdiction, however, are not subject to the provisions of the Act respecting labour standards.

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