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The cloud is necessary in the property and casualty insurers


Hubert Roy

20 September 2019 11:30

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65 %. It is the proportion represented by sales of products related to cloud computing in the new business of the Guidewire, a u.s. company that tools many property and casualty insurers about their technology platforms, the submission from the claim.

In the fourth quarter of its fiscal year, which ends on July 31, in his case, six new insurers had acquired a cloud product, including one in Canada, Gore Mutual. This, in fact, that its president of the adviser and co-founder Marcus Ryu that his priority now is to evolve its product Guidewire Cloud for it to serve as more analytical requirements, and operational property and casualty insurers.

At the end of its fiscal year 2019, Guidewire has improved its revenue by 10 %. Thus, they have reached 719,5 million. The company ended the year with a profit of$ 120 Million, compared to$ 85 Million in 2018. It has a reserve of $ 1.3 billion in cash and its equivalents.

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