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The Co-operators finance an organization’s resilience against the floods



February 20, 2019 09:30

The Co-operators renewed its funding from the organization Partners for Action, linked to the Faculty of environment of theUniversity of Waterloo, this time for an amount of $ 600,000 spread over several years.

Partners for Action is an organization that promotes resilience to flooding. It offers tools to Canadians so that they can prepare for, adapt to and build infrastructure resilient to flooding, for themselves and for their community, says Co-operators. The gift is intended to ensure that the organization can continue its efforts.

“Floods represent a serious risk to Canadians. We need strong partnerships across all sectors to enable individuals and communities to strengthen their resilience to floods. Thanks to our applied research and our collaboration with a wide range of organisations, we work to understand the needs of canadian communities in order to overcome the barriers to resilience to flooding “, points out Jean Andrey, associate dean of the Faculty of environment, University of Waterloo.

Commitment to cross-sectoral

The Co-operators also explained that the commitment to cross-sector researchers, governments, businesses and non-profit organizations is an “essential element” of the efforts of Partners for Action. “By sharing best practices, challenges and ideas between various stakeholders, Partners for Action, is committed to facilitating the development of collaborative solutions. “

“Climate change is a global challenge, can be complex and requires cooperative solutions and coordinated,” adds Rob Wesseling, president and chief executive officer of Co-operators. As experts in risks, we have an important role to play in informing the communities of the changing nature of risks. Thanks to our ongoing support Partners for Action, we help Canadians better understand and adapt to flood risk. “

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