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The Coalition is preparing its response to 2019


Hubert Roy

13 December, 2018 09:30

Robert LaGarde

For the Coalition for the promotion of professions in the property and casualty insurance, the year 2019 will deliver the findings of which she has realised in 2018. In fact, this fall, the Coalition unveiled the results ofa study on the skills of the future in the property and casualty insurance, made with Finance Montréal. It was enhanced by bringing together 40 stakeholders from industry and academia.

Measures will be taken by 2019 to ensure that the curriculum offered by colleges that have a program in insurance of damage is in better adequacy with the needs of the industry. Announcements will be made as well as meaning throughout 2019, says the Coalition.

Four professions in evolution

The Coalition gave a pre-taste of the measures it intends to take in 2019 by revealing to the fall of his vision of the evolution of the four main professions that make up the industry of property and casualty insurance in Quebec. It describes what will be the skills required of professionals who practice in one of these four professions :

• Agent in damage insurance : a profession ” increased “

The increase in the value of the interactions and the decrease of their frequency, will lead to skills needs, relational and technological developments in order to be more productive within their organization and in the processing of information.

• Insurance broker : the client relationship at the heart of changes in the profession

Interpersonal skills are ubiquitous in the practice of this profession. The role of the insurance broker will be to advise, as well as in French in English, with a role approximating that of a lawyer, a financial planner and an accountant staff.

• Expert in disaster : a bag of skills still relevant

In contact with the customer, the business and relationship skills will be developed further. However, new risks, including those related to the digital environment, must be estimated by the claims adjusters of the future will need to acquire a more specialized training.

• Subscriber : an uncertain evolution

The technological capabilities to come support the work of the underwriter. New needs have emerged in recent years as the need to think of new ways to assess the risks related to climate change, and could cause subscribers to think of new assessment methodologies.

144 donors

The Coalition has also made the point on his campaign funding 2018-2019. To this day, 144 companies in general insurance have contributed, for a sum of $ 438 000 $. The annual campaign of the Coalition will end the 28th of February.

The organime has also conducted a review of activities since the beginning of his campaign 2018-2019. She has participated in 35 events related to career choice and employability. A first series of activities reserved exclusively for applicants from the immigration with an interest in the insurance of damages has also been held with the Interconnection Program of the board of trade of metropolitan Montreal. The Coalition also has helped 61 high school students to discover the field of insurance and financial services during a summer internship.

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