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The Coalition is pushing the industry to coopétitionner


Serge Therrien


Hubert Roy

28 August, 2018 07:00

Carl Dubé, Patrice Jean, Jean-François Desautels and Michel Lacelle | Photo : Réjean Meloche

At the Day of damage insurance, 2018, Réal Jacob has insisted on the need for the industry to work together. It does on a construction site for the past 15 years : the attraction of the workforce.

In his lecture, the professor in the department of entrepreneurship & innovation at HEC Montreal had recommended to the industry of coopétitionner. For him, the industry’s advantage to consolidate its forces in certain areas where they do not have the resources to develop each of their side some of the tools.

The Journal of insurance, met with the directors of the Coalition for the promotion of professions in the property and casualty insurance to discuss recruitment, but also their collaboration within this organization. Many times during the interview, the administrators praised the work of the Coalition. Beyond extolling the virtues of the organization, they have also tried to imagine how they would attract the labour in their businesses without the efforts of the Coalition, given that 3,500 positions will be filled by two years in the industry.

A broker has been entrusted by the Journal of insurance, under the guise of anonymity, as recruiting was not a panacea. “This is hell !” he said. He adds that it sometimes takes three to five months to fill a vacancy. Often, it must “steal” a resource from a competitor to find the rare pearl.

This reality is experienced in the industry. Carl Dubé, vice-president, human resources, Desjardins Insurance, says that the recruitment in insurance of damages has its challenges, even if he said well make it, compared to other industries, considering also that the province of Quebec is in a situation of full employment. “It is easier to recruit in other provinces,” he said.

Patrice Jean, chief executive officer of Lussier Dale Parizeauemphasized that the recruitment is a constant challenge. “We managed to fill our positions. With the Coalition, it has created a centre of attraction. This is important, considering the demographic change that has classes, but also the fact that immigration will take more space to fill our positions. “

For Jean-François Desautelssenior vice-president in Québec, Intact Insurance, the quality of jobs offered by the insurance industry of damage remains unknown or under-estimated. It would be even worse if it were not for the efforts of the Coalition, ” he said. “The opportunities of the developments are incredible in our industry. “

Michel Lacelle, vice-president, organizational services, for eastern Canada, claims adjuster IndemniPro, noted that recruitment is a full-time work for his organization. “We must demonstrate that we can contribute to the professional development of the people. It is necessary to show that our area is going well. The Coalition is a must in this direction. “

A better perception of Quebec

For administrators gathered during our interview, the main weapon of the Coalition is to have improved the perception of Quebecers towards the profession. In 2006, 40 % of Quebeckers surveyed in a poll said they had an unfavourable impression in the face of the insurance industry of damages. This proportion decreased to 23 % in 2017.

“The industry has a value that it must make known in the company. She has an offer of career is very varied. It is a very important component compared to what each insurance company can do individually, ” says Jean-François Desautels.

This is where the concept of collaboration takes on its force, adds Patrice Jean. “The Coalition is a coalition of industry. At the core, we are all competitors, especially in terms of recruitment, ” he says.

This does not prevent an insurance company from having its individual strategies, ” says Carl Dubé. He stressed, however, that having more of colleges that offer programs in insurance is a big help. “A decade ago, there were 11. It has tripled since then, so that there are more than 30. This is something that we would not have been able to do individually. Also, as the trades evolve, we can modify the programs accordingly thanks to this collaboration. “

Establish credibility

What Jean-François Desautels adds that the industry collaboration through the Coalition has also allowed the industry to develop a credibility with the ministry of Education and educational institutions. “This is not something that we could make each of our side. We have access to a common way to get to know our business. It comes up with a message well-coordinated. This is not fair to say that we seek in the world. We have statistics to support our claims, ” he says.

Mr. Desautels said that he was satisfied that the industry now has a better perception of the business that offers the industry. “People have confidence in our industry. We have passed the stage of the perception of disadvantage. Put forward a vision of the industry is much more powerful than many small individual actions. “

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