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The Coalition puts in place an agreement for students to stay in school



August 15, 2018 09:45

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The context of shortage of labour, damage insurance has pushed the Coalition for the promotion of professions in the property and casualty insurance (Coalition) to implement the Agreement to stay in school. The organization encourages industry companies to sign the agreement to address the challenge of student retention.

“It may be tempting, as a company, hire students during training without encouraging the continuation of their studies. The Coalition has therefore developed an agreement to ensure that the companies in the sector partner with educational institutions to promote student retention of these students “, the organization supports.

Encourage the continuation of the training

The Coalition affirms that the recruitment of students as interns or part-time employees may encourage them to continue their training, but that this should not be at the expense of obtaining a diploma. In this way, the links between education institutions and businesses are preserved, where the idea of making the Agreement to stay in school.

“Encourage students to stay in school is beneficial for the companies in the industry. Several of them have informed the Coalition that the trained employees integrate more easily in their jobs and already have the basic skills to perform their duties. Thus, all facets of the business benefit from it : its reputation, the quality of its service, the work environment, employee retention, etc, ” concludes the Coalition.

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